15th Festival PAC

100 exhibitions – 70 venues

Curated by PAC visual arts network
| Produced by Provence Art Contemporain
May 4th to 21st, 2023
– vernissage May 4th, 2023

The Printemps de l’Art Contemporain [Visual Arts Spring] returns from May 4 to 21, 2023 in Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, and in many towns around the Etang de Berre and the Pays d’Aix; with a programming that is enriched by professional meetings on May 10, 11 and 12 in Marseille.

Launched with a grand opening in Marseille from 4 to 7 May, this 15th edition of the PAC offers the public a discovery of its programme by district, at night and during the day, in the city centre and by the sea, from the southern to the northern districts. Punctuated by a day in the art centres around the Étang de Berre, the PAC will close in Aix-en-Provence and the Aix region with two days of artistic proposals and guided tours open to all.

With more than 100 exhibitions, openings, performances and installations, the emerging French and international art scene is active in more than 70 venues in the region – on the sea, in the countryside, in galleries, museums, parks and in exceptional heritage sites -, confirming the essential place of the actors federated by the Provence Art Contemporain network in the visual arts landscape.

Le réseau PAC (Provence Art Contemporain)
20 rue Saint-Antoine, 13002 Marseille

©Festival PAC, 2023