The international press and public relations agency Close Encounters, named after the famous science fiction film, works primarily in the visual arts and cultural fields. Connoisseurs will of course have recognised South of France Sainte-Victoire mountain, dear to Cézanne, on the homepage!

Close Encounters mission is to create quality relations with the press and media, in an ethical and responsible spirit, in order to promote art projects and artists who have unique visions of our world. The agency works with institutions, galleries, artists, curators, festivals, fairs and networks, offering them a human and committed strategy and a ‘decentred’ point of view. In this way, we help to raise the profile and visibility of our clients, encourage exchanges and encounters, and foster new dynamics that respect everyone.

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Journaliste : Jordan Bako

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An encounter with the Other The encounter with extraterrestrial life, suggested by the name of the agency “Close Encounters”, is a metaphor for this unexpected encounter with the arts, but also for this often destabilising encounter with the foreigner, this Other that we fear as much as we fantasize.
Engaged PR Close Encounters sees press and public relations as a place where a common responsibility towards the important issues of our society should be considered. Each project is carefully chosen and promoted in accordance with this state of mind.