The international press and public relations agency Close Encounters, named after the famous science fiction film, works primarily in the visual arts and cultural fields, from Marseille in France. Connoisseurs will of course have recognised our Sainte-Victoire mountain, dear to Cézanne, on the homepage!

No « Spray and Pray » here, the aim of Close Encounters agency is to connect, engage and build a solid network of targeted journalists and influencers for you to gain a sustainable brand recognition.
Finding a place in the frenzy of the international cultural calendar is not easy and can take time. Close Encounters‘ commitment is to listen, dialogue and support through a human, committed strategy that offers a ‘decentred’ perspective to events that wish to value exchange as much as publicity.

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Journaliste : Lucia Longhi

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An encounter with the Other The encounter with extraterrestrial life, suggested by the name of the agency “Close Encounters”, is a metaphor for this unexpected encounter with the arts, but also for this often destabilising encounter with the foreigner, this Other that we fear as much as we fantasize.

Engaged PR Among the subjects of interest to Close Encounters are questions linked to migration, identity, fighting cultural misconceptions and prejudice against minorities, always with the artist at the centre.
Sustainable PR Close Encounters sees press and public relations as a place where a common responsibility towards the important issues of our society, be they societal or environmental, should be considered. Each project is carefully chosen and promoted in accordance with this state of mind.