Les Rencontres à l'Échelle

19th Les Rencontres à l’Échelle
Festival dedicated to International contemporary creation

Curated by Les Bancs Publics
| Produced by Les Bancs Publics
4 – 16 June 2024

Les Rencontres à l’échelle is a festival of international contemporary creation, dedicated to artists and alternative narratives from the Global South.

This year’s edition will feature mainly 2024 creations, including 4 world premieres and 4 French premieres. The artists come from Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Mozambique, Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso and Tanzania, as well as from the Overseas Territories, Switzerland and France.

Julie Kretzschmar, director of Les Rencontres à l’Échelle, tells us about this year’s festival:

‘Among the 16 performances on show, we are delighted to welcome the singular projects of Sofiane & Selma Ouissi, Tunisian choreographers who create a dialogue between the body and the birds outside at dusk, Nadia Beugré and her Filles Pétroles who dance a neighbourhood and a youth on fire in Abidjan, Idio Chichava takes thirteen dancers on a journey through traditional Mozambican repertory, David Wampach choreographs a one-to-one with singer Dalila Khatir to evoke contemporary Algeria, and a host of very young choreographers whose first solos are manifestos for the urgent need to think about more inclusive societies.’

Extract from the editorial by Julie Kretzschmar, director of the festival.

Les Rencontres à l’Échelle – 19e édition
Festival de création contemporaine internationale
Du 4 au 16 juin 2024 à Marseille

crédit photo : FILLES PETROLES © Malan Ange Gael