Albanian Pavilion

Lumturi Blloshmi. from scratch

Curated by Adela Demetja
| Produced by Ministry of Culture of Albania
23 April 2022 – 27 November 2022
– vernissage 21 april at 12:15

APRIL 23–NOVEMBER 27, 2022Lumturi Blloshmi
from scratch
Pavilion of Albania at the Venice BiennalePreview: April 20–22, 2022
Inauguration: April 21, 12:15pmCurator: Adela Demetja
Assistant Curator: Eni Derhemi
Commissioner: Ministry of Culture of
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With from scratch, Lumturi Blloshmi (1944-2020) is the first female artist to represent Albania with a solo presentation in Venice and Adela Demetja the first Albanian female curator of the Albanian Pavilion.

In Venice, the presentation under the title “Lumturi Blloshmi. From scratch” is conceived as an exhibition project aiming at researching, examining, presenting, and positioning the work and life of Lumturi Blloshmi anew within the national and international art history.
Lumturi Blloshmi was one of the most singular Albanian artists of her time but due to limitations (deaf from the age of five, oppressed by the communist regime for political reasons, being a woman in a male dominated field) her work and life has not yet fully been  researched, displayed and contextualized. The heart of the exhibition consists of a selection of Blloshmi’s works from the 1960s until the 2010s, spanning self-portraits and compositions in painting and photography that say as much about Blloshmi’s aesthetic essence and personal reality as they do about the specific political and social context in which they were created. By remaining true to the unfiltered urge to express experience awareness, Blloshmi constantly pushed the boundaries of media and formal styles by experimenting with materials and combinations of media to achieve what she called “a distinct tangible universe.” Formally situated within the boundaries of figuration, her œuvre – strongly informed by imagination and innovation – at its core transmits and resonates a sense of universality and timelessness. The pavilion is conceived in such a way as to reflect Blloshmi’s tangible yet simultaneously ungraspable universe and its openness to interpretations.

The exhibition architecture is created by the German architect Johanna Meyer-Grohbrügge. Mexican filmmaker Tin Dirdamal is invited to create a film in the form of an experimental documentary that aims at capturing Blloshmi’s life story, attitude, and spirit. Through a virtual constructed environment, the viewer will have the possibility to get an overview and a feeling of Blloshmi’s personal world and creative environment. This part, aiming at creating a virtual archive, is created in close collaboration between the curator and the British virtual reality artist Alexander Walmsley.

Biennale di Venezia | Arsenale

Lumturi Blloshmi, Menu Kama Sutra, 2003. Analogue photography, C-Print. 35x45cm. Courtesy of Lumturi Blloshmi Estate