Festival La 1ère

Theatre: JoeyStarr, Sélène Saint-Aimé, Nicolas Moumbounou, Jules Turlet
Dance: Sisley Loubet
Music: Chris Combette, Mikl, Roger Raspail, Sya
Literature: Achille Mbembe, Gisèle Pineau, Patrick Chamoiseau
DJ: DJ Motsek, DJ Killerz, Maya Kamaty
Gastronomy: Jimmy Bibrac, Amalia Irsapoullé, Alphonse Koce, Zam-Zam Zoubert

Curated by France TV Outre-Mer
| Produced by France TV Outre-Mer
30 May – 2 June 2024

France Télévisions’ Overseas France division presents the La 1ère Festival.

Who better than us, from the four corners of the world, with our distinctive histories, both plural and singular, our own way of being Creole, universal, resilient, with our living memories and a living present?

Who better than us to undertake the fruitful dialogue between all these France? To reveal the true contours of a country at the gateway to all worlds.

And, at the confluence of all these oceans, a festival is emerging which, during its first stopover in Marseilles, will let itself be carried along by musical and literary flows, powerful debates, from verse to verse, from act to act, from declamation to wandering, from performances of all kinds, from culinary to acrobatic, from contemplation to awareness…

At the heart of this festival, then : THE MEETING and its desire for convergence… for knowledge… and for creation.

Extract from the text by Sylvie Gengoul, director of France Tv Outre-mer.

Friche la Belle de mai
41 rue Jobin, 13003 Marsseille

Joey Star © Arnaud Bertereau