The Price of the Ticket

Aline Bouvy

Curated by Marie de Gaulejac, Victorine Grataloup, and Thomas Conchou
February 3 – June 2, 2024
– vernissage February 2

The first exhibition of 2024 at Triangle-Astérides, celebrating its 30th anniversary in the course of the year, is artist Aline Bouvy’s first institutional solo show in France, co-conceived and co-produced with La Ferme du Buisson, where it will be presented next Fall (from October 6, 2024 to January 26, 2025).

Its title, The Price of the Ticket, plays on the double meaning of the word “price”: it refers both to what the public has to pay materially to enter an amusement park, with whose expectations and standards Aline Bouvy’s installation plays; but also on a symbolic level to what it costs, what we have to sacrifice.

Through sculpture, costumes and a choral performance (all commissioned for the show), the exhibition will evoke the anxiety aroused by the supposed neutrality of an almost too-white white, implying a certain ordering of the world.

Triangle – Astérides, Centre d’art contemporain d’intérêt national
Friche la Belle de mai
41 rue Jobin, 13003 Marseille

Aline Bouvy, Complicated Pleasures, 2022 Jesmonite, pigments, bronze, 103 x 33 x 20 cm
Photo : Isabelle Arthuis